[D2 v1.2 DOS] Flash Missile white out
Actually I am half-way done with the fix already. Wink

Right now the flashes - no matter if collecting a powerup or flash missile will blind you equally on all brightness settings. Now that code which sets things back to normal worries me a bit. This would need to be scaled as well so the screen goes back to normal in the same time - no matter the brightness setting.

But that code partially runs with a random factor and the values and even with a flash missile the current difference between full and lowest brightness are ~0.5 seconds. Scaling this makes this only worse. I gotta check how I can revamp this code so I can scale it better. On the other hand due to that random factor, that scaling is probably totally worthless since it alone often makes a bigger time difference than 0.5 secs alone. So no matter if scaled or not, screen goes back to normal in around 3,5 secs - give or take 0.25. I will tackle this again when not being tired.

I didn't so much about a slight difference in the homer code but rather dealing FPS damage to bots and reactors.
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