[D*XR 0.57.3, Windows 7] CD audio bug still isn't fixed
This is really odd indeed.

I have run so many more tests so far but I simply cannot reproduce this. This issue is still on my list and while working on the game on the past months I always had one CD in the drive and was pretty much all the time checking this out. So what I want to say: Bear with me, this isn't easy to debug since it simply doesn't occur on my end and the code itself also doesn't look bugged as well.

But if I may ask: If you have the Mac CD, how do you play this on XP? I thought the Mac CDs have their own filesystem that cannot be read on XP? Not sure about the Audio tracks tho. I don't have a Mac CD version of the game so I cannot test that myself.

Also I try to get my hands on a XP version once more to set it up via VirtualBox or something so I can test with that, too. Maybe SDL is reporting the wrong number of tracks on the disc... That could at least explain some things. Otherwise I gotta implement some more debugging output so you guys who experience this problem can send me logs that will hopefully help me to identify the reason behind this.
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