Bug: D1 Co-Op as Team Anarchy & Robo Anarchy on tracker.
Hi all after reading Johnathan's post on the DRfacebook page,he found a bug that when you host a D1 Co-Op the tracker would detact it as a D1 Team Anarchy, so I went to see if I could regenerate this bug and presto i did:
[Image: blue_01sgamevjoik.jpg]

Click the image for a larger one Wink It is a minor issue, but worth mentioning I thought  Cool

Along side the issue Johnathan found I found fewer others, so I hosted it as a 4 player Co-Op game, but the tracker on counts 3/0 it should be 4/1 as players go right? as the host if one of the 4 players that is in the game right?

So what I did was rehost the game and now the tracker saw it as a Robo Anarchy...
[Image: d1co-opasroboanarchyjwyir.jpg]

Here a screenshot from ingame proving that I host it as a Co-Op and not a team Anarchy or Robo Anarchy:
[Image: d1co-opvingettesinsan8zl4p.jpg]
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