I'm writing Yet Another HAM Editor For Descent II. aaa
selection is still in its infancy, so I'm not fully sure yet. Currently, you can select vertices, and I'm working on code to both allow selecting faces explicitly and implicitly (there probably will be selection mode changes like Overload's editor). My thought with regards to the curseg/otherseg system is that the things you would do with it would mostly be replicated by selecting two faces, with the first one selected considered the "master" when important. like if you wanted to make a curved corridor between two faces, you'd select the two faces and do the corridor builder thing. (since there's no guarantee that cubes are aligned right, it will still be possible to pick a "base vertex" for rotation purposes.) If you just wanted to join two faces, you could select the two and push J or something, and they'll try to join at the geometric midpoint, so long as they're compatible for joining.

So far, things are going for a bit of a slant in the direction of DEVIL and Overload's editor, since I'm much more familiar with them than DLE, which I find very odd to work with.

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