Resolution issue on launch - D1X - Mac - High Res
no i dont think the HR pack is doing this either especially since he said he tried w/o it.

sounds like a 'stretch to fullscreen' monitor problem.
I found a workaround:
Editing the descent.cfg file found in ~/Library/Preferences/D1X Rebirth and setting the values as follows:
When launching the game the screen will be visible and it is possible to set the resolution at 2880x1800, it's a small hassle that happens at every launch, but that's the best I could do.

I made a script to do it automatically:

1) put the following code in a file with extension .command in the same folder as D1X
for example: resetAndRunD1X.command

DIRNAME=`dirname "$0"`

cd  ~/Library/Preferences/D1X\ Rebirth
mv descent.cfg descent.cfg.bak
cat descent.cfg.bak | sed 's/ResolutionX=.*/ResolutionX=1280/g; s/ResolutionY=.*/ResolutionY=800/g' > descent.cfg

open D1X\

2) Double click on it and it will patch the descent.cfg and run the game in 1280x800 mode so you can manually set the resolution.

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That script goes to a lot of trouble for something so simple.  You could rewrite it to be safer and also use fewer commands.
sed -i.bak -e '/ResolutionX=/s/=.*/=1280/;/ResolutionY=/s/=.*/=800/' "~/Library/Preferences/D1X Rebirth/descent.cfg"
open "D1X"
This version avoids mangling a descent.cfg in an unspecified directory if the cd fails and avoids a useless use of cat.  You can change -i.bak to -i if you do not want the archived copy.  This assumes -iextension support which is present in GNU sed, but I believe is present in Apple sed also.
That looks better, I'm not much of a savvy bash user, I will let you know if it works with the i- flag

if it were Windows, id suggest just editing the descent.cfg file and then set it to read only.

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