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What do you think about DXX-Rebirth
I just registered.

My opinion is: ROCKS!

And now, those reasons you were waiting:

1 - I like the decision to maintain the games as classic as it could possibly be.
2 - The magic of the game still lingers (possibly, one of the great games that stood the test of time).
3 - The improvements REALLY feel like improvements.
4 - Nostalgia factor.

Thank you for bringing back these great games to us.
lol I play descent at least 2 hrs a day. My friends agree with me, DXX is AWSOME! the first version they tried was .52 and they loved it, when they got .53 they were excited about the UDP/IP support. We have it loaded on the computers in my class in school (computer repair) and we play every now and then Smile So yes WE LOVE DXX-REBIRTH
You cant beat the classics Wink
DXX-Rebirth is great! It's great to finally be able to enjoy one of my most favorite series of all time on my new XP computer. Even with the exciting and much anticipated release of Super Smash bros. Brawl this Sunday, I've been playing Descent 24/7!

I must say DXX-R is better than D2X-XL, the reason being is because DXX-R isn't as processor hungry as D2X-XL (plus a bug in D2X-XL caused proximity bombs (I call 'em proxy bombs) to detonate in your rear-end when dropped).

To keep this from becoming a D2X-XL topic, I'll just say it again. DXX-Rebirth ROCKS!!!
DXX-Rebirth gives me a refreshing idea for a better mod for Descent 1&2 than D2X-XL it's something else as taken from a different point of view and yeah I do have some troubles getting it to work but with all the help I can get from here that will resolve since many of you got it running too right Smile

It opens a gateway for us Pyro Pilots to exceed with, I adore that  Cool
G'day all,

Well, kudos to Descent Rebirth . . .

I've faithfully installed D1 and D2 on each new computer I have upgraded to and from time to time have played offline.  While playing, I also spent time thinking about all the friends I had made on Kali, but because I drifted away from it (because of XP), I was in contact with only one or two after a while.

My wifey was finally happy again because I wasn't wide awake at un-godly hours playing online (aussie time differences have always sucked greatly in terms of the internet).

Well, I hope she doesn't mind me rediscovering the joys of the Mines . . .

I know I won't . . .


For anyone who may remember me, 'back in the day', I was (DE)Rex or just plain Rex . . . .
Great port!, Feels like home even after 2 years away from the game;It is a familiar place. You have kept the essence of the game perfectly.
Now if I could only get my piloting skills back....I hate the wounded butter fly impression I have been doing.
Remember Plasma freshens breath and tastes great!
Quote:Great port!, Feels like home even after 2 years away from the game;It is a familiar place. You have kept the essence of the game perfectly.

Thats our main goal. But we try to bring some of the todays posibilities in Descent 1 & 2 also. To find the right balance isn't easy anytime but posts like yours are showing us we don't miss our way to bad. Smile

Quote:Now if I could only get my piloting skills back....I hate the wounded butter fly impression I have been doing.

Hey, it's like riding a bike. It'll come back very fast. Wink

Last but not least: Wellcome to our forum, Incisor. Smile
I having good times play D1 D2 and D2 VERTIGO ( Upto 19 map )  ......................A-W-E-S-O-M-E.......on LCD 22" IS BEAUTY AS SEXY !!!!

I play much better since wheelmouse for P/S  Smile

Cheers Zico for that  :lol:
Rocks even more with 0.53! Keep up great work  Smile I really love how clean, simple and true to the original Rebirth is.
Just one word:


There is one MAJOR reason to embrace this port: The feeling to be in the cockpit again.

I'm a Descenter since I first have the shareware. I was lucky to have the first game in the form of the Anniversary Edition back in 1996. and since then, I followed every game to the date. But the PC changes, and when I got a new one with WinXP, those days were gone... until I wanted to relive the classics.

Since I played QuakeGL on that new PC, I was kind of obsessive, trying to find every port of every old game. And then, it came Descent again. I tried the D1X and D2X project, but felt like there was something missing. it came one day reading the Wikipedia that a new project was in development: DXX-Rebirth. At first, I was very skeptic, but when I completed every step to play the port... Oh, man! the good days to shooting every robort in sight... were back!!! And for good.

zico, your project delivers the nostalgia of being in the ship again and it shows. Good old graphics running on my Windows PC, and most importantly: the cockpit is back!

Man, this project deserves to have a final release version (name it 1.0), because it's definitely awesome!

Good job, zico. Keep the good work! And God bless DXX-Rebirth!

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