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What do you think about DXX-Rebirth
Hi Masterchief Smile,

welcome to DXX-Rebirth. I absolutely know what you are feeling because what you describe is extremely the same I felt getting in touch with Zico, the DXX-R maintainer. He asked ca. 2 years ago for some help to raise this port and I was wishing all my Descent-dreams to come true.

And the comunity even like the port grows up and now we are in a good position. Not everything is perfect but we are satisfied with what we reached til now.

And I will take this to thank the comunity and their support getting very strong and helpfull bringing this release from 0.53 to 0.54. DXX-R never had that much people helping with Testings and good Bug-reports so that a big step in DXX-Rs evolution was possible.


I was heavy involved play Descent in last 3-4 months.....but too sick I decide to take break. Now I having enjoy build SPORE creature creator, they are so great.

I always coming back play Descent every years like DOOM, Heretic and HeXen. 

I played D1X a few years ago I think, can't exactly remember... then a few days ago I asked a friend if he wanted to play some Descent co-op. As luck would have it, I found DXX-Rebirth from the Descent Wikipedia article and tried that first.

To be able to play Descent again on a 22" LCD at 1680x1050 is just insane! My friend and I have had so much fun blasting away through the early levels, and then I started up level 10 co-op (my old favourite starting level for a co-op session)... got my ass kicked a few times in the secret level after level 10 (damn fusion cannon!)... I look forward to finishing the single player campaigns again and loads more multiplayer. Descent is still one of the best co-operative multiplayer games ever.

Today I got curious and tried out D2X-XL just to see what was different, and which was "better"... it was a totally different experience. I tried running it on Descent 1 level 1 first. Instead of being thrust into the "original" game that I know and love (like what Rebirth does), the first thing I see is a ghostly shadow of my ship directly in front of me, a HUD covered with icons, a radar (wtf?), target boxes around robots, glowing coronas on things, a robot facing away from me, and when I kill it, all this blue electricity zapping out of it...  it took me a good ten minutes to try to turn off all the stuff I didn't want, and thought why bother... sure, a textured 3D map is nice and there may be half a dozen little features that would also be nice, but in the end, I want to play the original Descent with only a few reasonable improvements. For me anyway it just looks wrong (maybe even anachronistic) to have low-res textures and low-polygon count maps and objects with glow effects and smoke. DXX-Rebirth appears to have the right balance of improvements vs. original game "feel". There are a  few things on my wish list, but I won't post that here  :-D

Thanks to all involved in this project, you're keeping this game alive as it deserves to be.
The DXX_Rebirth Project is just something special to me, it's not so famed thus more like the underdog of all Descent 1 &2 projects, it gives you the old feel but with a new type of look, and it's the old feel which is the most coolest as important part for such a project, Zico & Sniper as the rest of the crew as team I thank you all for keeping this project alive Wink

If there is any beta testing that should be done or that is needed to do please ring abell and I will be always on standby ready to help whenever possible, you can always count on Gold Squadron !  :mrgreen:

Greets Gold Leader, The Force Is Truely With You All! :lol: Cool
Thank you, Gold Leader!

And thank you Wilba and a hartly welcome to you. All you described are the main goals of the DXX-R-Team and we will follow up that way.
But we also have an open ear for ideas and suggestions and if the idea is good enough we would also implement "futuristic stuff".
We got so much good suggestions but the most are on "stand by" because we haven't the manpower to implement everything imidately.

So we do one small step after the other but this has the big advance that we are able to have a sharp look to our developements and so we can do a "turnaround" when it comes clear that we are on a wrong way.

Also feel invited to visit our forum from time to time even when you have no problems with DXX-R.
In the beginning this was just a technical support act but actually it had become a "social touch". (It is said that we are joking here sometimes or talk about stuff that doesn't is directly conected to DXX-R... but just sometimes Wink)
hmm about the Futuristic stuff that is where MetalBeast would come in he has had some fantastic idea's which may lead to DXX-R's future layout?
MB hasn't been around for quite some time I hope he's catch'n on okay. Cry
The last thing I read about him was he was in hollydays but this was a long time ago.
I miss him also. A funny and helpfull guy.
Yeah he sure is, also avery important member for DXX-R's future plans, I just hope he will return someday, he will be a sad loss if he won't return, we'll have to hope for the best of things.
are we talking about some gx modeling or some stuff (futuristic) let me know
I seem to have a better workout dodging your stupidity than attempting to grasp the weight of your intelligence
DXX Rebirth,

is the ZDoom of Descent Source ports, simply the best.

I used to use D2X-XL and no offense meant to Diedel and his crew, but they just crammed far too many features and stuff into that simply...ruin the experience of playing the original descent titles, and plus all the new graphical additions while nice, tend to cause me problems for Geforce 6600 GT

So, I decided to use DXX-Rebirth one day and pow, new favorite source port

as I said before you guys are the ZDoom of Descent, just simply AWESOME, keep up the good work, and the jukebox function? beautiful! nothing like flying down the mines to the tunes of Rob Zombie and other music.


PS: I also find that DXX-Rebirth likes my joystick more then D2X-XL does, so thats another reason why I Heart DXX-Rebirth

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