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What do you think about DXX-Rebirth
Rebirth rocks. I had a heck of a time when I first started playing about 8 months ago. I even put together an old P2 I had and bought a 3dfx card just so I could play. Only problem was, that the only d1x version that would run without problems was 1.30! Hard on the eyes to say the least. Rebirth IMO totally owns 3dfx in all aspects. Runs better and looks better. As of .52, both the D1 and D2 versions are rock solid, both in windows and linux. Heck of a job if you ask me. Also the support and the answering of questions is outstanding for this project. Thanks Zico!
Quote:Hehe - Sounds a lot like me.

If you really like Doom1/2, Heretic, Hexen, make sure you check out VAVOOM (http://www.vavoom-engine.com/). It's the DXX-Rebirth for ID-Engine. Smile

Heh, thats mildly interesting.  My all time favorite games are the Descent Series and the Doom Series as well.  Have any of you tried the online port Skulltag?  http://www.skulltag.com  For easy online play.

Anyway, now for my rant on how amazing Rebirth really is...
Descent Rebirth is easily my favorite Descent port.  Back in the day when I was about 7 I'd always watch my dad play the shareware Descent on sundays.  Anyway, thats how I got into Descent, one day he had a long phone call, so I kinda took his seat and started playing.  But yeah, then we got new computers, and the game ran like crap, so I kinda moved to Descent 3, right around when PXO went down.  When that happened, I pretty much stopped playing Descent altogether.  Then I heard about D2-XL, and I liked it, played it, it was alright, but just not the same.  THEN I heard about Rebirth.  I almost didn't download but then thought, ah what the heck, and did.  I love the crap out of it, its just like old times, like a walk down memorie lane.  Never give up on this project.  Its ports like these that will keep Descent kicking.  Everyone knows Descent is all around the best game ever to be conceived and improving on the idea and engine is just genius.  Keep up the excellent work, I'm rooting for ya.

Really love it. And that widescreen support is AWESOME Shocked

One question - when using widescreen, HUD is stretched but otherwise your view is horizontally increased (not stretched) - i.e. you are seeing more?
The Hud bitmaps, meaning cockpit and statusbar as well as the fonts stretch according to the screen resolution. In fact this is the easiest solution to scales bitmaps and fonts after all. For fonts you could still use -fixedfont in the INI, but then fonts won't scale after all (and get smaller the higher the resolution is).
I could not imagine how to make the cockpit bitmap show up in correct aspect in a widescreen but I could do this for the fonts (as an option, if some pll would like to see it).
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This is awesome! Descent was my all time favorite game - I don't think I'll ever forget that horrid sick-to-the-stomache feeling of trying to fight the level 7 boss for the first time. My and my bros must have waited for hours outside that door trying to pick a good time to fly into that room Smile Definitely keep it going!
Awesome program. Descent is a fantastic game to begin with and now it is even better than it was originally.

Has better tech support too.

When or if I get some spare cash, I'll send some your way. This is a game worth buying.
*excuse the necro*

im still waiting for someone to say they will donate. poor zico. Tongue
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Quote:We had this in the old Forum but I wanna know again.

Go on, tell me the truth. Feedback is welcome.

Man, I love you!  Tongue :-D

I would consider myself as an veteran Descent 1 player. I am 28 now, and I played
Descent A LOT when I was 15-16 years old. I used to play on the official ladder, and my
callsign was "Overflow" like my username here. (Nostalgia!) I remember I was on the 50.th place
and was really proud of that back then because it was the official ladder.
I also remember I challenged a guy called "Dumbo" at 03:00 at night (he was in US, I in Norway) losing 10-3.
He was on 3.place...hehe....I searced for Descent in google this night, and suddenly I saw your site.
I found my old Descent 1 cd which I could not run even in dosbox for some reason (dunno why)
and you have saved my gaming life again! I play games like CS:S, Far Cry, COD 4.0, Joint operations, BF2,BF2142 and really,
this games never gives me anything. Playing Descent again really reminds me of what joy gaming was! Smile
I never played Descent in singelplayer, almost always multiplayer, and it is IMHO the best multiplayer game of history...
Cya in tha mines....Smile I actually almost cried when I fired up Descent and saw all the good old graphics in 1280X1024. Smile
Again, I love you man! I wish I could hug you right now!
Great port.I prefer dxx-rebirth instead of d2x-xl because it stands much closer to the original descent.
Keep up the great work dudes :>

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