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[D1X & D2X] MIDI wont work - Jayman - 06-24-2014

So, I'm running Linux Mint 17 (AMD64) and can't seem to get MIDI to work.
I'm using Timidity++ (with this soundfont) and Pulse Audio.

None of the music works.
The pre-recorded add-ons for music and the sfx work fine.
This applies everywhere (title screen, in game, briefings, etc.)

I have tried the DXX-Rebirth packages on the getdeb repositories, and compiling from source (default flags).

I also have zdoom setup and midi works fine on that.

Re: [D1X & D2X] MIDI wont work - zico - 06-24-2014

zdoom may use timidity directly. DXX-Rebirth uses SDL_mixer. This usually comes with it's own implementation of timidity. The question is rather if SDL_mixer on Mint is compiled with timidity-support and if it's using the same proper configuration files. In doubt, ask the package maintainer of SDL_mixer for Mint.