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Multiplayer Headlights are not visible - v66r - 05-13-2012

Maybe a low prio bug: in original D2 the headlights at the ships nose were white if someone turned them on. In rebirth they stay grey. (observed in coop game)

Re: Multiplayer Headlights are not visible - zico - 12-16-2013

Damn, that one took long to fix. Nah - I'm just kidding. Actually I thought this was just a small bug in Multiplayer code which lead to ignore presence of the headlight.
But the reality turned out much more interesting.

When D1X was initially created, much code - especially the more performance hungry - was translated from Assembler to C. And when D2X came around a lot of the work from D1X was adopted. And I think somewhere along these lines the code which was supposed to render the different headlight states to the player ship was overseen. At least this is how I think it happened.
Not to discredit the D2X developers. First of all this issue is barely seen - heck I didn't even realize this issue till I examined it closer - and secondly it's not like Assembler code is easily readable.

But as it may be the result was that in D2X the Pyro would always fly around with "disabled" headlights - even if you don't haveĀ  the powerup at all. But now all is well again and I speak a few lines Assembler. And the latter is probably the reason why I'm so euphoric right now. Smile