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Screenshots wanted - zico - 06-26-2011

Hey folks,

You know that with the release of 0.57 we have a lot more to show to those who come visit our page the first time. We have new transparency effects, Colored lighting, a new Multiplayer game mode and so forth.

And if you now look to the Screenshots we have uploaded to our Website you'll notice they just feel outdated. They are.

So what I would want is to have some new Screenshots.

And since you probably have a LOT more time on your hands to play the game than I ever had since 2006 I would like you to create some Screenshots for me.

Here are some requirements:
- It's not really a full requirement but it would be nice if you would turn on some effects to show. However I also prefer some variety.
- If you send me the Screenshots, please do not compress them. If you want, save them as PNG, BMP, TGA and if it HAS to be JPG, please set the quality setting to 100%.
- While I know many of you are Multiplayer players it would be nice to have some Singleplayer Screenshots as well. I don't mean I do not WANT Multiplayer screenshots. On the contrary. I expect many and that's a good thing.
- Has to be v0.57 or higher of course. Smile

I do not wanna give you a fixed reslution these shots have to be in. So be relaxed there. Just use your preferred resolution.

If you wanna make it easy to yourself: Just record a demo, send that to me and I'll make Screenshots myself from there on.

How to get these Screenshots, demos to me?
You can eMail them to zicodxx@yahoo.de, upload to some image hoster (in case of actual images) and place the links here or also eMail them, put the stuff on your dropbox account, Paidshare - whatever you see fit.

Thank you!

Re: Screenshots wanted - Gold Leader - 06-26-2011

Are links of the pictures from my gallery also okay?

Just wondering hehe.

Re: Screenshots wanted - Blarget2 - 06-26-2011

sent you some.

Re: Screenshots wanted - zico - 06-26-2011

@Gold Leader

Well what I normally wanted to say was this:
It doe snot matter HOW you offer them - I just want to make it easy for you. As long as the Screenshots in a decent quality (better: Lossless) it's all fine as long as I CAN somehow access and store them.


Thanks, they are beautiful. Smile

Re: Screenshots wanted - Blarget2 - 06-26-2011

(semi offtopic) can i make a new trailer?

Re: Screenshots wanted - Hawkins - 06-26-2011

Why? Is there already a DXX-R trailer so that yours is a "new" one? Wink

Re: Screenshots wanted - Blarget2 - 06-26-2011

yes there is a old on Tongue

Re: Screenshots wanted - zico - 06-26-2011

Sure, a trailer would be AWESOME. Big Grin

Re: Screenshots wanted - Ryusei117 - 06-27-2011

Got a few shots myself. Check your email, zico. Cool

Re: Screenshots wanted - zico - 06-27-2011

Thanks. First Descent 1 Screenshots. Yay. Big Grin

Keep 'em coming folks. Smile