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[bzr] Light shines through doors - tryone - 05-05-2011

Hi zico,

Playing D1 L22 I encountered a nasty glitch: All emmiting light by the projectiles shines through the doors.
If a robot is behind a door, and you open it, the robot will fire. And if the door now closes and the projectiles bump against the closed door you can see it at the other side of it. It looks really odd, if a missle explodes on the other side, and your dark room is bright lightned. :azn:

[Image: darklight1.jpg]

[Image: darklight2.jpg]

Transparency effects seem to have no affect to this.

EDIT: forgot something

RE: Light shines through doors - Ryusei117 - 05-05-2011

Uh? I thought it was always like that ...

*Starts Dosbox D1*

... Shocked It's not in the original Descent! Another graphical issue that completely evaded my detection ... D'oh!

RE: Light shines through doors - zico - 05-05-2011

I do not know if it happens in the original D1 since D1X rebirth uses the Descent2 light code - but really: This is NORMAL. No one ever noticed this? The dynamic light behaviour in the game NEVER was even CLOSE to realism. Light travelling around corners, tru walls - Descent as I know since 95.

Tested - same behaviour in Descent1-DOS. Actually I could probably prevent this effect - light goes tru doors I mean but it's not like very intense - rather as if the light goes tru the edges of the door itself.

RE: Light shines through doors - tryone - 05-06-2011

I never noticed this until yesterday. Shocked

But if it was since the birth of Descent (Cheesy) and you don't like to change it, let it be 'unrealistic'. Descent actually never was realistic.

RE: Light shines through doors - zico - 05-06-2011

It is - believe me. I actually wonder that there ARE player who do not know that. Seriously. I admit that this case here is a situation where you can miss this effect in certain situations more than in others but there are so many cases where it's very obvious - ESPECIALLY when playing Multiplayer.
Okay - can't know everything. Smile

RE: Light shines through doors - Ryusei117 - 05-06-2011

Quote:Tested - same behaviour in Descent1-DOS.

Huh? When I test it in DOSBox, neither D1 nor D2 shows light through doors like this, and DXX-R does ... Are you somehow running the actual DOS versions, zico? If so, maybe it's DOSBox that's different this time ...

The locations I used to test, by the way, are the hallway to red access in D1 level 22 (same as tryone's screenshot) and a one-cube secret in D2 level 4 (I placed a bunch of Prox Bombs outside the door, hid inside, and waited for them to blow).

RE: Light shines through doors - Hawkins - 05-06-2011

Uhm do prox bombs to the work? Try to put some robots firing behind a closed door. It's always there...

RE: Light shines through doors - Ryusei117 - 05-06-2011

Quote:Uhm do prox bombs to the work?

They did in D2X-R r1125. Ten bombs lit up that secret room like a freakin' christmas tree ... Tongue

RE: Light shines through doors - zico - 05-06-2011

I tested the lighting in Descent 1 DOS (v1.5), yes - on the same spot which is posted here.
It's definately there. And it makes sense: The lighting code does NOT check for doors.
However it seems WAY less obvious in DOSBox. Partially because of the Texture Mapper which is smoother in OpenGL and makes it easier to see the applied light from the missile explosion effect.

EDIT: You can see the effect a bit better in DOSBox if you play Descent 1 in 640x480 or higher.
EDIT2: You cannot catch this effect in a demo: Demos only record what's visible and if it's behind a door it's not there and cannot cast light

RE: Light shines through doors - Ryusei117 - 05-06-2011

OH, my bad ... I just tested a different spot in DOSBox D1 level 22: used the "ASTRAL" cheat to phase through a door into a room with three Red Hulks, then immediately phased back. The hulks started pounding the door with missiles, giving me a nice little light show on the other side.

Sorry about all the confusion! Wink