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D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 03-30-2006

I would like to see the intro, all the cutscenes and the outro in german. I did a websearch and asked some people but noone could help me with information about if something like this exists at all.

Anyway... so I decided to make this on my own. All "fans" of this idea will remember the time before the big crash and all the entries here that are now gone to ashes. But I just will go on where I stopped. So take this: Wink

Here is the actual state of the "Briefing-scenes" project:

1st raw translation:---DONE
Finetuning intro:-------DONE
Finetuning cutscenes: DONE
Fintetuning outro:-----DONE
Heal storyline:--------------48%
Correct misspellings:-To Do
Betareadings:---------To Do
Other resolutions:-----To Do

D1X-Rebirth in german language - zico - 03-30-2006

And of course the "commander in chief" has just uploaded the images from the old forum to give you a little preview of what will come. Wink

[Image: MEET1.GIF]
[Image: MEET2.GIF]
[Image: MEET3.GIF]
[Image: MEET4.GIF]
[Image: MEET5.GIF]
[Image: MEET6.GIF]

D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 03-30-2006

THX for that Zico Big Grin .

D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 04-06-2006

I am sorry that there is no progress in my project actually but I am fighting very hard with a suppurated root of a tooth.
It is very painfull and so I am not very motivated to continue the translation at the moment.
But I am looking forward that this problem will be solved in the next days and than I will continue my work.

Sorry for this.

D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 04-10-2006

Hallo at all. I must tell you that because of private circumstances this project will take a brake till 01.05.06 (round about) Sad

Its so unsatisfying. When something is going wrong and one get to handle it one do not need to wait long till the next problem is comming up.

I hope I will get it fixed as soon as possible. Maybe I will find some moments to work a little bit on this project but don´t expect that the point "heal storyline" will be finished in April.

I will do my best to start here again asap.

D1X-Rebirth in german language - zico - 04-10-2006

You deserve a break!
Take time to do your stuff.

I can understand this and I don't think your project is that easy.
Don't place yourself into the line of fire.

You are working on a free gift for a free OpenSource project. So no one can demand you to put your whole free time to this.

Even it's offtipic but I want to say something general about this project and the whole OpenSource development:

We all do this for free. We don't do this for money, we don't want money (even if it would be needed to support more hardware).
I know you all have many expecations and wishes. And i REALLY respect them all and I will do as soon as I get to, but I always beg of you to give me and - in this case Sniper - more time to implement DXX in our lifes in the first time.
Many OSS projects fail because of exhausting work and limited time. Others go very slow and get better time after time. The best have a fast development, but usually these projects are driven by donations.
But I don't want to demand donations for doing my hobby.
And I don't want to blame anybody with this sentences. I just want to show how it goes on "our side".
Basically we (Sniper, all the other that do good things for DXX and me) want to give you a cool Descent game everyone can enjoy.
And we have fun doing this for you. I personally are very happy with every nice comment about a release and evn if there is some - constructive - critic.

So sniper no excuses needed. Enjoy your "free time" Smile

Thank you all for supporting DXX-Rebirth

D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 04-11-2006

You are completeley right, Zico. And thank you for your supporting and motivating words.
The only thing that makes me sad about this is, that I know from the "Views-Counter", that there are some people would like to see their Descent with german cutscenes. Before the crash there were round about 750 views and now there are some more so that nearly 800 views of this project happened.
So I guess 10 up to 20 people are sitting and waiting. And now thinking: What a bore... a new project that never comes to an end.

As I started I plannend to hand this files over to "my fans" after a few weeks. And till now I needed that number of month I want to need in weeks. And there is just slow or no process in the moment.
OK... I give my best to make this translation a honor to Descent and fun to its users.
But this means also lots more work than sitting down on my ass and smudge some library-based shoddy in a textfile.
In that Case I could have thrown one of my 1st "proof of concept" to mankind.

And this is no possibility to me. It should have some quality or it is not worth to jar upon your eyes.

D1X-Rebirth in german language - zico - 04-11-2006

I know about that.
And how sad it may sound: You need to be a little bit egoistic. As said we have our lives and we need to live 'em in the first place. It's bad for the fans but that's a compromise that has to be taken.
Take your break and don't think about it.

D1X-Rebirth in german language - [NuB-T]Enzo03-PRIZEPHITA - 04-12-2006

well, the german sure makes the sentences longer >_>

D1X-Rebirth in german language - Sniper - 04-12-2006

That is one of the big Problems, Enzo :!: Sad
But I am fighting one badlooking/badsounding translation after the other until I am satisfied with the result. :evil: