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  Congratulations and a few reports/requests
Posted by: MD 2211 - 04-17-2006, 07:00 PM - Forum: General - Replies (8)


I recently discovered DXX-Rebirth in a renewed attempt at enjoying my all-time favorite series on Linux. I am very satisfied so far!

There as been many ports out there... D1X and D2X were the first, but it seems the dev teams have lost interest. Another contender is D2X-XL, which is great, but has a ton of enhanced features everywhere.

And in the middle stands DXX-Rebirth... simple, functional, and allows me to enjoy the games as I first played them. I think this is important; adding features is nice, but for the sake of nostalgia, keep a "childhood memories" checkbox somewhere Smile It might seem a bit odd, but I love my 320x200 Descent 1 as well -- hey, it was designed that way, and it's a hell of a pixel soup design.

In short: That's great work. Keep it up!

As Linux (Ubuntu 5.10) is my main OS, I should be able to test all your Linux releases and provide feedback. Hope it will help.

Here is a list of glitches I've noted so far.

  • The hi-res targeting reticle does not look very sexy. Descent 2 introduced a hi-res graphic for it, so why not using it? (in D2 at least)

  • In Descent 2 hi-res cockpit view, it looks like the weapon/camera screen squares are painted over the cockpit frame. As a result, both displays are perfect squares. They should have rounded corners like in D1.

  • Most of the time, when exiting the program, it seems to "hang" or take a very long time to finish. No messing up the display though, so this is a minor inconvenience. Console output of d1x-rebirth on such a "hang" (last lines):

    sendipc pdescent.hmp
    do_ipc pdescent.hmp
    good. fpr=0x95ced80 l=72597 data=0x99b8428

    I suspect this may have something to do with the fact that I could never get MIDI music (see next). DXX still quits promptly on a SIGTERM, that's why I think it's not really "hung".

  • Could not enable MIDI music. I am in an ALSA + ESD configuration, with Timidity set up as a software synthesizer. I can play MIDI files with various utilities, and a bit of researching led me to strongly believe that Timidity is indeed well configured (with soundfonts of my choice) and hooked to /dev/sequencer. DXX always fails to playback MIDI, though. That's a long-time mystery for me.

    Well, that's all. I hope my reports aren't too redundant, or ill-placed in this forum section (sorry if they are). I am really looking forward to hearing from you, and of course... downloading DXX 0.5 Wink

    Best regards,

    Material Defender 2211

  Zico's development blog
Posted by: zico - 04-03-2006, 05:21 AM - Forum: Developers Corner - Replies (210)

Status of DXX

Yeah currently it is very quiet around DXX. But "behind the scenes" we lay our hands on the last changes for the upcoming version.
KayroMaster is still fighting with his new build system.
I took some time to change some very small things like improving the demo playback, creating better functions for the briefings in D1X and final improvements on the new cockpits.
If Kyro is ready with his new build system for D1X I will be finally able to implement some code so the linux version will store the config files in the home directory of the user like Brebs mentioned.
This patch and the movie patch of D2X I did for whitetiger (if he tells me that this patch works for him) will be the last two things standing between me and the release.

Stay tuned

  D2X-Rebirth in german language
Posted by: Sniper - 03-30-2006, 06:12 PM - Forum: Developers Corner - Replies (57)

As most of you know Descent 2 has the possibility to switch on subtitles for the movies. But like the dialogue it is in english. What the hell is the need of that for a german guy? I would like to read the english dialogue in german text.
I did a websearch and asked some people but noone could help me with information about if something like this exists at all.

Anyway... so I decided to make this on my own. As the "fans" of this idea remember I posted this in this forum before the big crash and announced to start with this after the finish of the Descent 1-translation.

And it is the same as it is used to. As this Idea was born here it spreads like a disease in the www and someone other translated it afterwards.
OK, this job is done. But as this guy develops D2X in a very progressive way I am convinced that his translation will show a progressive style also.

But we need something that fits better to our needs. Something more "classic". And so I will translate D2X to german also without having any look to the other translation to save my style. And after this there will be two differing versions of this and everyone will be free to choose the one he likes more.

As you see in my topic "D1X-Rebirth in german language" that project is comming close to its end and you will be able to test if my style of translation meets your gusto.
If you like that translation it will be a pleasure for me to translate Descent 2 to german for you also Cool .

  D1X-Rebirth in german language
Posted by: Sniper - 03-30-2006, 05:05 PM - Forum: Developers Corner - Replies (47)

I would like to see the intro, all the cutscenes and the outro in german. I did a websearch and asked some people but noone could help me with information about if something like this exists at all.

Anyway... so I decided to make this on my own. All "fans" of this idea will remember the time before the big crash and all the entries here that are now gone to ashes. But I just will go on where I stopped. So take this: Wink

Here is the actual state of the "Briefing-scenes" project:

1st raw translation:---DONE
Finetuning intro:-------DONE
Finetuning cutscenes: DONE
Fintetuning outro:-----DONE
Heal storyline:--------------48%
Correct misspellings:-To Do
Betareadings:---------To Do
Other resolutions:-----To Do

  How to post your bug correctly
Posted by: zico - 03-29-2006, 08:00 PM - Forum: Bugs - No Replies

If you want to post a bug, every information you send is very helpful to fix it as fast as possible.

So please consider the following steps:

1) Has the bug already been reported?
Check the Bug section if the bug is already reported and post your information there instead of opening a new thread. Probably your bug is already marked as FIXED so you probably find it in the DONE section of the forum. In that case post in that thread and the bug will be moved to the open bugs again till it's fixed.

2) Chose the right subject
DXX-Rebirth runs on several operating systems. So please write down if D1X or D2X has that bug and on which OS the bug appeared.
Example: "[d2x windows-xp] game crashes if ..."
If you have the game compiled from source by yourself please let me know your compiler flags and if you use SDL or OGL version.

3) Submit as much information as possible
Every information you submit is helpful. That includes detailed PC configuration.
The most important: exact description of the situation where bug appeared.
You also should write down what command-line options and/or INI file settings you use and probably - if it is possible (in case of graphical glitches) - screenshot and/or a demo.
Sometimes it would come in handy if you submit your complete configuration (including INI, player files, descent.cfg etc.) via mail or as downloadable archive.

4) Step-by-Step instruction
Give a detailed instruction on how to reproduce your bug. If it was a random event, still try to recreate what your did to produce the bug and do not hesitate to write that this is a random effect in the first place.
Try to be detailed about your observations and write what bug you encountered and how you imagine the game should behave instead.


Quote:- Start the game
- Load a Savegame made in Level 4 of the main game campaign
- Fly into the room with the red key
- Kill the green bot on the left side
Result: The game suddenly runs slow and all bots carry funny hats
Expected behaviour: the game should continue to run with a smooth Gameplay and bots should not wear funny hats.
Even if you find such a description a bit excessive - especially when the bug is very obvious to you and makes the game virtually unplayable. But consider not everyone - including myself - might even encounter this bug. So a step-by-step description is helpful to get down to the root of this issue.

5) Please make ONE thread for ONE bug. If you have multiple, independent bugs please create multiple threads!