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  Controller only?
Posted by: enderandrew - 09-17-2018, 03:18 AM - Forum: General - Replies (10)

I never played the Descent games. I wanted to give them a try. I just built a mini-PC that I have hooked up to my PC for some retro couch gaming.

I control it solely with wireless XBox controllers.

Are there existing config files for mapping controls to an XBox controller? Even when I mapped controls in the game, they didn't work for the UI/Menus.

  [d1x/d2x 0.60 beta 2 - Windows] Game won't launch
Posted by: enderandrew - 09-17-2018, 02:20 AM - Forum: Bugs - Replies (4)

I've followed install instructions. Both D1 and D2 have necessary GOG files copied over. My GOG versions launch in DOSBOX and work fine.

Windows 10 x64 bit
Nvidia GTX 1080

There is nothing in stderr.txt nor stdout.txt. Launching from a command line, there is no output. It just never really launches. Turning on options for -debug -verbose and even -safelog do nothing.

Neither d1x-rebirth.exe nor d2x-rebirth.exe will launch. Compatibility options in Windows 10 don't help either.

Threads here:


and here:


Suggest you may need a replacement opengl32.dll file in the folder, but neither work. And I have a device with working OpenGL (Nvidia GTX 1080 with the latest drivers)

But even the NoGL versions (d1x-rebirth-nogl) won't launch, so it doesn't appear to have to do with OpenGL.

This is what appears in the Windows Event Viewer:

Faulting application name: d1x-rebirth.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5ad29161
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17754.1, time stamp: 0xcee84e63
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0004f1e5
Faulting process id: 0xa794
Faulting application start time: 0x01d44e2b8914dff8
Faulting application path: D:\Games\D1X-Rebirth\d1x-rebirth.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
Report Id: f8874862-b2e4-4eab-a92b-6240c46a87fe
Faulting package full name: 
Faulting package-relative application ID:

  cert for site gone again.
Posted by: Blarget2 - 09-13-2018, 08:49 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Chrome now blocks the site.

  Does DXX use portals?
Posted by: Jammer - 09-04-2018, 06:43 AM - Forum: General - Replies (6)

I seem to remember in the original Descent using a level editor to create rooms with 'loops' with the portals, like the kind of stuff you would see in the valve 'Portal' games.

If so did any "official" Descent (1 or 2?) maps do anything unconventional with the portals like creating loops or putting rooms in such a way that they overlap?

  [d1x/d2x linux] SDL2 support does not compile
Posted by: opp - 08-28-2018, 11:56 PM - Forum: Bugs - Replies (3)

When trying to compile using SDL2 support, I receive the following error in either d1x or d2x:

CXX d1x . similar/main/gamecntl.cpp
similar/main/gamecntl.cpp: In function ‘dcx::window_event_result d1x::HandleSystemKey(int)’:
similar/main/gamecntl.cpp:864:29: error: ‘MUSIC_TYPE_REDBOOK’ was not declared in this scope
    if (GameCfg.MusicType == MUSIC_TYPE_REDBOOK)
similar/main/gamecntl.cpp:867:18: error: ‘RBAEjectDisk’ was not declared in this scope
scons: *** [similar/main/.d1x-rebirth.gamecntl.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

occurs when compiling with following line:
scons sdl2=1

  NOOB developer questions
Posted by: opp - 08-22-2018, 12:15 AM - Forum: Developers Corner - Replies (6)

Been looking at doing a little Descent project, and as this currently seems the most active Descent branch, I'm going to start (and hopefully end) with Dxx-Rebirth.  To start, thanks for all the hard work that people have put into this project already.  While many games of that era have been lost in time, the uniqueness of Descent and the game play have allowed it to withstand the test of time.  I personally have bought different copies of Descent at least 3 or 4 times in my life, and now that there is a chance to get into the code and fix issues caused by running it on newer systems is very powerful.  Onto the NOOB questions...

1.  I would like to develop on a Linux based system.  What distribution makes the most sense and is used by other developers developing on Linux.  I have the most familiarity with the Ubuntu distribution, but have started to dislike the default theme that they are using so I could easily be swayed to a different distribution if it makes sense.
2.  What git GUI client/shell is preferred?  During my regular day life, I use a mixture of TortoiseGit and command lines to be efficient.
3.  Are there any IDEs that developers are using?  Has anyone done any work pulling the project into Eclipse...if so, what version of Eclipse?

Thanks again for all the hard work that has already been done to continue this game's legacy.

  [d2x "weekly" 4-14-18] Guidebot ignores "stay away" command on key pickup
Posted by: TheObserver - 08-09-2018, 09:10 AM - Forum: Bugs - No Replies

As the title says, just playing through some maps and noticed despite the guide bot being set to "stay away from me", when I picked up a key it immediately changed its objective to finding the next key. It DIDN'T seem to change to "finding boss robot" when I picked up the red key.

To be honest, I haven't done extensive testing to verify this isn't legacy oldschool D2 behavior. I usually don't free the guide-bot from its cage. But it happened in a couple maps so I figured I'd report it.

I'm using the last pre-compiled 'weekly' binary for Windows from the website (4-14-18.)

  Error: Could not find a valid hog file
Posted by: juanitoesca - 08-03-2018, 09:25 PM - Forum: Bugs - Replies (6)

Hi, I downloaded Rebirth for Mac and the original game (Descent 1) from GOG. I installed the game using GOG Galaxy. I created a new folder on my Applications and copied the Rebirth files and the .hog & .pig from the original game. But when I try to open D1X Rebirth I get the Error message " Error: Could not find a valid hog file...". I already tried to rename the files using lowercase.

  SDL2 support upgraded from !KNOWN BROKEN! to !EXPERIMENTAL!
Posted by: Kp - 07-29-2018, 12:52 AM - Forum: Developers Corner - Replies (2)

Everything in this post applies to the master branch, currently on track to become release 0.61. Release 0.60 is unaffected by these changes.

John filed SDL 2 (#82) a bit over 3 years ago, asking for feedback on whether to move Rebirth to SDL 2.  I added a knob to select SDL 2 that July, and zico wrote in August 2015 that he planned to add support for it.   At the time, I had no interest in working on it, and no one else committed any time, so it languished.  I recently decided I wanted access to some of the functionality that was new in SDL 2, so I made the changes to make Rebirth work with SDL 2.  As such, support is now classified as !EXPERIMENTAL!, rather than the !KNOWN BROKEN! status it had for the last 3 years (though that status was not fully communicated to readers until someone posted a comment expecting it to work, and I adjusted the messaging accordingly).

At this time, both SDL1 and SDL2 are supported. SDL1 is preferred, but active testing on SDL2 is welcome. If no major problems are reported within the next few months, SDL1 will be deprecated and SDL2 will become preferred. Depending on the maintenance burden, support for SDL1 will be dropped at some later point, likely 3-6 months after it becomes deprecated.

Notable differences:

  • Feature: Fullscreen support is now based on resizing the Rebirth window, not on changing your monitor resolution.
  • Bug: Toggling fullscreen while the automap is open does not properly resync the automap to the new dimensions (SDL2: automap does not resize when toggling fullscreen mode (#394)). This should be fixed at some point.
  • Feature: SDL2 supports grabbing the keyboard and mouse separately. For historical compatibility, I configure it to grab both, but you can override it with a hint not to grab the keyboard if you want your window manager keys to work while in game.
  • Quirk: the Graphics submenu is much smaller. Since monitor resolution no longer controls available game resolutions, monitor resolutions are not enumerated or shown. The fullscreen checkbox is removed. Use Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen mode. The resolution list could be restored if someone has a need for it. The checkbox could be brought back if a bug related to window resizing is fixed.
  • Redbook support is gone. SDL2 removed the required functionality.
  • The SDL-only build does not work with SDL2. This could be fixed if anyone cares.
Potential improvements enabled by this change:
  • SDL2 provides easier access to advanced OpenGL support.
  • SDL2 requires a different method of configuring joysticks, but should provide better support in some areas.
  • SDL2 improves handling of newer input devices.
As a further note about OpenGL support: currently, Rebirth uses very limited GL, in part due to the age of the code and in part due to the need to make the SDL-only build work. I would appreciate feedback from anyone with older systems on the maximum OpenGL version your system can provide. I am interested in raising the minimum required version, and would like to avoid locking out users unnecessarily.

  [dxx-rebirth_v0.60-weekly-04-14-18-win] Robot Briefing, Level End Movie Not Playing
Posted by: Master O - 07-05-2018, 12:19 AM - Forum: Bugs - Replies (3)

Windows 7 64-bit

This bug occurs in the above weekly build as well as d2x 0.60 beta 2.  My gamelog.txt file (in level 1) from the weekly build is below:

Quote:20:06:20.363 D2X-Rebirth v0.59.100 0.59.100-851-g48b31d84f344  Apr 14 2018 18:40:48
20:06:20.363 This is a MODIFIED version of Descent 2, based on Full Version v1.2.
20:06:20.363 Copyright © 1994-1996 Parallax Software Corporation
DESCENT is a trademark of Interplay Productions, Inc.
20:06:20.363 Copyright © 1999 Peter Hawkins, 2002 Bradley Bell, 2005-2013 Christian Beckhaeuser, 2013-2017 Kp
20:06:20.404 Using SDL_mixer library v1.2.12
20:06:20.599 sdl-joystick: 0 joysticks
20:06:45.794 Can't open movie <pla.mve>: (null)
20:06:45.926 Can't open movie <rbJ.mve>: (null)
20:07:03.826 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:07:51.729 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:07:56.733 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:07:57.454 RED Access denied
20:07:57.996 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:08:00.703 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:01.051 RED Access denied
20:08:01.738 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:01.973 RED Access denied
20:08:06.740 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:09.385 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:08:12.495 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:16.747 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:21.751 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:26.544 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:29.316 Energy boosted to 86
20:08:36.722 Shield boosted to 112
20:08:38.893 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:08:42.135 Shield boosted to 127
20:08:42.905 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:08:45.472 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:45.640 You cannot open this door
20:08:46.769 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:08:47.378 You cannot open this door
20:08:47.503 Energy boosted to 80
20:08:49.883 Shield boosted to 141
20:08:51.178 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:00.615 RED Access denied
20:09:01.035 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:02.458 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:09:09.197 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:15.134 Vulcan Ammo!
20:09:15.134 Vulcan Cannon!
20:09:16.415 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:09:27.180 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:09:28.967 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:30.256 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:09:33.785 Energy boosted to 87
20:09:37.186 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:09:38.903 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:41.640 Laser Cannon Level 1 selected!
20:09:41.918 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:09:59.138 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:03.978 Hostage rescued!
20:10:04.157 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:04.898 Shield boosted to 146
20:10:07.653 Shield boosted to 161
20:10:08.218 Hostage rescued!
20:10:08.523 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:10.203 Energy boosted to 88
20:10:10.533 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:10.633 Energy boosted to 103
20:10:11.538 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:13.602 Hostage rescued!
20:10:15.097 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:10:15.557 Hostage rescued!
20:10:18.884 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:10:25.053 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:38.657 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:39.904 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:10:47.625 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:10:52.290 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:10:57.932 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:02.933 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:04.163 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:11:13.746 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:11:24.493 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:30.901 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:35.904 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:39.805 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:49.893 Shield boosted to 171
20:11:50.398 GUIDE-BOT: Finding RED KEY
20:11:50.803 RED Access granted
20:11:53.191 Laser boosted to 2
20:11:56.427 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:06.434 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:11.436 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:15.330 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:12:21.441 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:28.962 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:32.102 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:41.457 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:44.543 Shield boosted to 169
20:12:46.760 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:12:52.056 Energy boosted to 85
20:12:54.066 GUIDE-BOT: Finding REACTOR
20:13:02.920 GUIDE-BOT: Coming back to get you.
20:13:03.170 You have escaped the mine!
20:13:03.170 Can't open movie <esa.mve>: (null)
20:13:05.973 Can't open movie <rbB.mve>: (null)

Although it's similar to this bug (https://forum.dxx-rebirth.com/showthread.php?tid=988), mine also does not play the level ending sequence when escaping a mine.

Robots-l and Robots-h are both in the folder, before anyone asks...