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Full Version: [d2x-0.58] Bugged robot briefing movie playback
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I've noticed issues with robot movie playback in Rebirth recently. The robot briefings for example only show the text, but not the robot animations. Also, typical briefing music doesn't play through those (it does on the other hand play with the Vertigo briefing). I think all the files are fine, any idea what this could be?
you disabled movies?

briefing music should only be "PULSE" in all stock D2 missions.
the "briefing music" playback is a hack that actually bugs D2 and needs to be fixed.
soundtrack add-on packs should work correctly. (meaning you hear PULSE not music)

HTH Smile
Think I found the solution. My ROBOTS-H file was in fact a duplicate of ROBOT-H. Fixed it and the problem disappeared.
Hello, I have the same problem with my briefings - no robot animations - in V58. Can you please explain how you fixed the file?  I'd really appreciate it.