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Full Version: D2X unable to find descent2.hog file.....
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First, hello!! AWESOME Programs!!!

I didn't see this error posted anywhere. I am running d2x-rebirth_v0.58.1-win on windows 7.

Whenever I start the program, I get the following error (listed in the GAMELOG.TXT file below):

Error: Could not find a valid hog file (descent2.hog or d2demo.hog)
Possible locations are:
Directory containing D2X
In a subdirectory called 'Data'
Or use the -hogdir option to specify an alternate location.

I have all the files copied to the d2x-rebirth_v0.58.1-win install directory. D have tried it with both versions of Descent 2 files, from both the 1 and 2 disk issues. The d2x-rebirth_v0.58.1-win directory is not directly off the root directory (CSmile

Again, thank you for a wonderful program. I was getting dircouraged playing Descent on DOSBOX.


Download the installer from here: http://www.dxx-rebirth.com/frm/index.php...034.0.html

Run that, and let me know if you still have any issues! Smile
The installer usually works fine but this error usually points to an error setting up the install data right. So either use the installer or please follow the installation steps in the Rebirth Readme file very carefully. Then it'll work. And if the Readme is misunderstanding, please just let me know so I can improve it.


That was it!! thank you. The readme file just states to copy the files to the descent 2 dir.

thank you again.

Hm it should say to extract the descent2.sow and copy them over to the Rebirth directory. I will see that I rephrase this to be more clear. Thank you very much.
Blacklion, for the manual attempt that failed to find files, could you describe exactly what files you copied and to what directories?  That may help us understand where the misunderstanding occurred between the instructions in the readme and the steps you took.