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Full Version: Weird behavior when using a custom MIDI soundfont
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This here applies to the newest versions of both D1x and D2x.

Recently I've started using a nifty bit of software called VirtualMIDISynth, and it replaces the usual Windows MIDI renderer for practically all appliactions which would make use of it otherwise. I have loaded a rather big soundfont (over 300 MB) called Timbres of Heaven - a pretty good free soundfont.

Of course - as I found out - this also applies to Descent and Descent 2 in Rebirth, and to be quite honest - makes the MIDI music from these games sound fantastic.

However, there are two rather serious issues that I've noticed while playing both games:

1) The controls go haywire for some reason. Sometimes they're not responsive enough, sometimes they drag on commands which should terminate as soon as I let go of the key. This especially applies to the pitch and turn keys which are on the numerical keyboard in my setup
(This is slightly off-topic, but I had already noticed the "dragging on" effect earlier, it happened whenever Num Lock was active, also in both games).

2) A very long delay followed by a Windows error message when quitting the application. This is quite a bit less annoying than the previous error.

Also I think it's worth mentioning that the loading times between missions and briefings got increased quite noticeably since the game is making use of the new soundfont.

Is there anything that can be done?
which OS?
test a smaller soundfont to see if it has the same problems.

from what ive noticed D1/D2 does not have a GM reset so it might be a good idea to reboot before playing Descent especially if your system has gone into standby mode.
The MIDI code does send a GS Reset, not a GM Reset. It's mainly intended to run with the Windows builtin sequencer. At least that is what the guy who wrote it, intended it for, as far as I understand. I am not an expert in the field, but the MIDI situation in general is getting more tricky by the day. At some point, I would like to remove native MIDI code and add a builtin sequencer so issues like that will stop from happening.
^ well that certainly explains alot! GS soundfonts run flawlessly in DXXR, while non-GS... not-so-flawlessly Wink is timbers of heaven GS combatable?

edit: checked, it is GS.
I can add a GM Reset into the code as well. But honestly I have no idea if this breaks something. MIDI is very, very weird. I was so happy when that one guy I mentioned overhauled the MIDI code as I am definitely not an expert on the topic.
^ i wouldnt suggest doing anything right now. the GS system IS working perfectly.

is anyone else running VMS w/a 300mb soundfont in DXX-R?
need more info.
Again, I am no MIDI expert. If it would easily be possible to probe which kind of system is used, I could do GS or GM resets depending on what's needed. In worst case I can also provide a switch that let's you choose via the INI.