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Full Version: Resolution issue on launch - D1X - Mac - High Res
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Hey all,

Just found DXX Rebirth and am excited to revisit the best co-op game ever made with it.

I actually got it playing quite well and was having a blast, but had to stop (reality, I guess?). I had not shut the computer down, launched any applications, or anything, before I eventually came back and tried to play again.

What I saw was the bottom left quarter of the Interplay logo on start up, and the bottom left quarter of all the screens there after.

After ~30 minutes of screwing around I removed the highres addon and relaunched, then added the addon back and everything worked again.

Not the worst work around, but wanted to mention it.

My Specs:
OSX 10.9
Content from GOG
Highres Addon
OGGVorbis Soundtrack Addon

Thanks for all the hard work. Much appreciated.

- Dakine


I take it back - That wasn't the fix. The issue happened again, this time removing the high res addon did not fix it.

I'm at a loss as to how to fix it.

Further update - Removed all DXX data from mac: .app file, and DXX folder from ~/library/preferences. Emptied trash just to be certain.

Downloaded D1X again, Loaded .hog and .pig files into resources folder, run it, and now the game shows up entirely in the bottom left 1/6 of the screen. I can change the resolution to 2880x1800, and play the game just fine.

However, upon exit and relaunch, I only see the bottom 1/4 of the game now.

Not sure where to go from here.

What happens without the hi-res .dxa loaded?


Hi future Pilot, after wiping all files, I ran the game with just the hog and pig files loaded, and as I said below the game showed up in only the bottom left 1/6 of the screen.

When that Happens, I can see the entire game "window" and the rest of the screen is black. I am NOT playing in windowed mode.

As I said, I can adjust up to 2880x1800, my native res, and play just fine.

But upon exit, when I relaunch, the bottom 1/4 of the game "window" fills the entirety of my screen.

Fixing this requires me to either modify the resolution in the config file or delete everything and start again.

I have successfully switched the game to windowed mode and can play like that - however it's moderately annoying. But at least I can play.

Some additional info I've gleaned from messing around:

When I set the resolution in windowed mode to 2880x1800, it's HUGE on the screen (just like in fullscreen after a relaunch) - in fact in order to see the whole game on my screen in windowed mode, I have to drop the resolution to somewhere less than 900p (not certain the exact resolution - I'm at work!)

This suggests to me that there is an issue dealing with apples screen scaling / retina goofiness. Since they generally double or halve the pixels of content to mimic a 1080p-ish screen, seeing 1/4 of the game content makes sense.
Yeah, I definitely think it has to do with Retina.

Does Mac have any sort of compatibility options per application ala Windows that disables scaling for that app?


I just did a quick search, and yes, there are compatibility modes. The article (https://support.apple.com/kb/HT5266) specifically mentions 3D games. Excellent. I will give that a shot and report back.


No good! Behaves the exact same whether that option is enabled or not.


I just downloaded DXX-Rebirth the other day and I can confirm identical behavior. I was stoked to see that I could take advantage of 2880x1800 resolution to play until I tried to restart.  Sad I hope this is being investigated.

this is odd, you both are using PC data on a MAC and getting this problem?

i might know of a fix~

open the D1XR-HIRES.DXA file in a zip program, rename .DXA to .ZIP if you have to.
now rename ALL the files, removing the last H or B from the file title.

Example: brief01h.pcx < brief01.pcx  &  starsb.pcx < stars.pcx

HTH Smile
I doubt it has something to do with the Hires pack. I will try to get this relayed to Kreator, your Mac port maintainer so he can take a look at it.

However if you play the game in window mode and the native monitor resolution is making the game biggert than your screen, this is likely an issue with SDL. Chances are we cannot do much about this outselves. But I hope SDL2 - which we will hopefully migrate to soon, will solve this issue.
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