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Full Version: D1X/D2X 0573 & 0581 screenshots x2
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screenshots always dump 2 files.
And these two files are?
Can't reproduce this here. Could it be a problem with your PrintScreen key—perhaps sending a second signal when you release it? If you have another game or program that responds to the PrintScreen key, maybe try pressing it there, and see if it behaves as though pressed twice.
printscreen key works fine, only a problem in DXX.

2 screenshots every time, when viewing automap.

WinXP32 if it matters.
Is this only when viewing the automap or at all times?

yes, only on automap.
??? Huh, bug confirmed. I wonder how long this one's been around—pretty easy to miss it.
This should be in the code for long now. Probably introduced when we added the event handlers and window system into the game. No biggie tho.
Haven't forgotten this. Actually this was rather interesting since it affected other certain keypresses, too. Due to an oversight pressing and releasing a key was activating special inputs while key release is only important for steering (i.e. STOP rotating, STOP zooming, etc.).
It's now fixed, tho. Smile