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Full Version: D1X,D2X/W7(32bit),XP- Unknown Hog Size Error
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when i select "New Game" an error message appears stating:

Warning: Unknown D1 Hogsize 7168520"

Additional Info- i made some corrections and modifications to the Original Patched Descent 1 and 2 levels, mainly texturing and lighting.  these were tested with the original patched Dos games on old win95 systems and gave no errors.  the data used is identical, simply copied into the folder.
after pressing ENTER at the message it returns to fullscreen and the level selection box opens and resumes normal operation with no issues.  this occurs on the latest version, running on both a high end Windows 7 32bit computer and an older XP laptop.
again, this happens in both D1 and D2, the full, registered games, then patched, pasted into the DXX rebirth folders.  i was able to play through descent 1 without a single problem using D1X.

i dont know if somehow this is intentional, or if there is an ini line to fix this?  i saw a similar issue it looked with demo data, but theres no crashing or issues like stated in those threads.
Rebirth supports various versions of the game content: Demo, Shareware, OEM, Full versions in all PC and Mac variations. But the content do not properly "identify" themselves so we know with which the game actually deals with. Because of this Rebirth performs a filesize check. Now if you have changed your game content, the game will not know with which version to choose. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. If you can play with these modified versions without trouble, consider yourself lucky.

I'd love to get rid of these filesize checks but I cannot say if or when this'll happen.
OP: if your new data files are smaller than the original, you may be able to cheat the check by inserting additional unused files into the HOG to pad it up to the size that it would have been without your changes.

The recognized sizes for Descent 1 are set in mission.h.
#define D1_MISSION_HOGSIZE              6856701 // v1.4 - 1.5
#define D1_MISSION_HOGSIZE2            6856183 // v1.4 - 1.5 - different patch-way
#define D1_10_MISSION_HOGSIZE          7261423 // v1.0
#define D1_MAC_MISSION_HOGSIZE          7456179
#define D1_OEM_MISSION_HOGSIZE          4492107 // v1.4a
#define D1_OEM_10_MISSION_HOGSIZE      4494862 // v1.0
#define D1_SHAREWARE_MISSION_HOGSIZE    2339773 // v1.4
#define D1_SHAREWARE_10_MISSION_HOGSIZE 2365676 // v1.0 - 1.2
#define D1_MAC_SHARE_MISSION_HOGSIZE    3370339
Otherwise, you would need a code patch.  If you are willing to rebuild the program, you can change these defines in main/mission.h to match your modified HOG, which should allow you to play it.
there is no need to modify a HOG file ~ everything and anything can be done within an ADDON.

what is it your trying to do/mod?
(08-29-2013, 03:10 PM)ThugsRook link Wrote:there is no need to modify a HOG file ~ everything and anything can be done within an ADDON.

what is it your trying to do/mod?

level editing using DLE-XP; geometry, texture alignment/changes, lighting adjustments, tweaked robot makers, and other small things.  its a work in progress so the file size will be changing more until its done.

im no coder and have no knowledge of it, so id rather not be digging around in things.

could you possibly make a DxX.INI line that would allow you to override the default values for situations like this?
I do not know if I'm going to implement a switch for this. I don't really tend to do this as also changing the game content could be considered cheating. But kp and ThugsRook have offered solutions around that problem. Either will up the HOG till it reaches the required filesize or just save your changed levels into a ZIP file, rename the filename extension to .dxa and let the game have that changed content as an AddOn.