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Full Version: [DXXR v0.58.1] Demo percentage shows two "%" signs
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Another one of those minor HUD glitches. The percentage indicator that shows your progress through a demo appears as ...


... instead of ...


EDIT: Fixed my mistake in the topic subject--the glitch affects D1 and D2, not just D2.
This broke with one of the printf/string patches.  Fixed now.
Cool. Smile
Crap, did I report this as D2 exclusive? It actually affects both D1XR and D2XR v0.58.1 ... I'm terribly sorry about that.
You did report it as D2 exclusive, and I only fixed it there because I didn't realize zico had backported the breaking change into D1X as well.  I'll get that one shortly.

[Edit: done.]
I did? I didn't even notice that... carp.