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Full Version: [D2X 0.58.1] alt-f7 hud weapon text misaligned
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Gauss and vulcan ammo are misaligned on the alternate hud #2 when in fullscreen. Also the alternate hud #1's text displays over the framerate, which may cause some frustration.
I should start drawing a map of where all the text elements of the HUD are. No worries - will be fixed.
I moved the text for HUD modes 1 and 2 because it was even worse before.  Vulcan/Gauss ammo was partially offscreen in HUD 1 before I moved it.  It looks good in my development branch, but you're right, it does look bad in the release.
For some reason I don't see a Vulcan gauge in D1 - does it just not exist? This makes me not use the alt-huds at all, as there is no way to view the ammo level without returning to the "classic" hud.
(12-02-2013, 05:03 PM)MaestroMD link Wrote:For some reason I don't see a Vulcan gauge in D1 […]

Yeah, as of v0.58.1, the alternative HUDs show no Vulcan or Gauss ammo gauge while in cockpit mode or statusbar mode; that's only visible in fullscreen mode. Not sure what's planned for future versions, though.
Yeah that doesn't seem right. This isn't intended. I remember I had the vulcan ammo outside of the weapon boxes (since it didn't fit in there). It might have been "cleaned up" at some point accidentally (i.e. I was planning to move it but just removed it but forgot to put it in another point).