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Full Version: [D2X] Returning from secret level disables all matcens in base level
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I've tried this out in a couple of places, but when playing a secret level in D2 and returning to the base level, all the matcens in the base level are disabled regardless of how many times they had been activated previously.  I've checked and this is not the same behavior as in dos D2.  This also affects both 0.57.3 and 0.58.1.
Thank you for reporting this. I'd probably never seen this by myself. Very good find.
The bug does not seem to manifest in level 17 for some reason.  I have seen it manifest in levels 12, 20, 21, and 24 however.
heh ~ i never would have noticed this as i use secret exits as end-of-level exits  :-[
Not sure but this bug may depend on the time of the level and/or if you save or not. Due to the change to increase Descent's maximum time counter from 9 hours to some million years, I needed to reset these time counters when a game is loaded to fit in a 4 byte value. Since the secret levels work with Savegames as well I wonder if there might be a case that the matcen timers get screwed. I'll check this as soon as I can.