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Full Version: D2 MACplay ~ MVLs not validated (dont work)
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D2XR 0573 / WXP32

i'm using D2 MACplay data (retail) on PC...

the MVL files arent recognized and don't play. (they are a different file size)
if i rename them correctly (with -H) they still wont play and hard lock my PC for 10 seconds.
using the PC MVL files obviously works fine.


Actually this isn't really a bug. Yes, I know it very much seems like it but even tho it's not obvious but the Mac movies use - despite the same filename extension - a completely different format. If I recall correctly it's even Quicktime... where an implementation would be it's own hell of license issues.

Chris/Kreator worked on that some time ago but we both decided not to support this format in the near future.
ah ok, that makes sense... the QT logo on the CD!

in that case D2 MAC DATA users will need the PC MVLs.
Yeah - pretty much. And actually that should work well - at least if both versions are available. Even tho I think the Mac version of D2 - contrary to D1 - doesn't offer more than the PC version does. So... yeah as sad as it is, this time the PC version definately seems like the best choice.
^ yes, the D2 PC MVL files seem to work just fine with the D2 MAC data files.

however there is no need to play D2 MAC data files over D2 PC data. they are essentially the same, nothing new.