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Full Version: D2 Demo CD ~ HOG not validated
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rebirth spits out the D2 Demo CD hog, and with no D2.MN2 the game crashes to desktop.

the CD HOG file isnt quite the same as the shareware HOG... 2,292,749 bytes.
Which demo CD is this exactly? I only know of the interactive demo - which is the one I also have on the homepage. If this one differs, I would need to see what exactly is different. Is there a way to download the CD image?
its exactly the same as the interactive demo, just a different HOG size.
Yeah but there must be a reason why the HOG size differs. Just adding the new size to the game code might not do the trick - which is why I ask for the download.
im getting to it!  Tongue  Wink

only the HOG is different. (by 1 byte i think, and dated later)

Oh so it's only the HOG. Whole CD isn't possible? Cause I would love to know where this comes from... if there's some more info or whatever pieces I can find so I know what we are dealing with here.

its this one...
[Image: D2DEMOCDJPG.jpg]
Thanks - very cool.
In case you're curious, the HOG file in this version is a different size because the image for the "nag" screen has different text. Here is what it says, with the changed text in bold:
Quote:To order:

Call 1-800-INTERPLAY
Europe: 44 (0) 1628 423666

Use order code DTE1
for the full experience!
I would think that calling one of those numbers back then would have let you purchase the full game, so I have no idea what they mean by "full experience." Any ideas?

Out of curiosity, does that CD contain any audio tracks? Since that demo has no option anywhere for CD audio, I'm guessing there aren't any audio tracks on that CD.
^ yea they mean the full version.
Destination Quartzon has the same screens.

nope no REDBOOK, the ZIP contents are everything on the CD.
the "title" of the CD is "MARIO2".
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