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Full Version: D2 Destination Quartzon ~ HOG not validated
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the D2 Destination Quartzon HOG file isnt recognized by D2X-R.

any chance of getting it/them verified?
i have them... there are actually 3 different HOG files depending on the OEM.

I wasn't aware that there are different HOG sizes for Quartzon. If you can send me the sizes Rebirth reports on them and maybe some additional Info to what product the OEM belongs I can add this stuff for sure.
i dont know which HOG belongs to which OEM, the disc i have is from Compaq.
here are the file sizes...

D2DQ HOG-A (on disc) = 6,884,714 bytes
D2DQ HOG-B (in SOW) = 14,024,077 bytes
D2DQ HOG-C (inside HOG-B!) = 7,012,030 bytes

LMK if you need the files.
It would be cool if I could have the files... actually the whole disc would be boss (to see if it actually works with the files on the disc). Having a HOG inside another HOG somehow looks terribly bad. No idea what they wanted to do with this...
yea, the HOG in a HOG is very weird, no idea what they were doing there.

If bin/cue is possible - that would be awesome.
its this one...
[Image: d2quartzon.jpg]

cant do a bin+cue, here's the data files...
http://www.mediafire.com/download/qt74s9...ARTZON.ZIP  70mb

there might be some hidden content from Descent online :U
(04-23-2013, 05:09 PM)ThugsRook link Wrote:D2DQ HOG-A (on disc) = 6,884,714 bytes
D2DQ HOG-B (in SOW) = 14,024,077 bytes
D2DQ HOG-C (inside HOG-B!) = 7,012,030 bytes

HOG-C contains an extra OEM PCX file.
HOG-B contains the extra OEM PCX file and HOG-C.

i can find no other differences.
can i have them so i can rip them apart? I was recently doing the same thing to the ps1 version of descent 1, 2, and maximum (believe it or not, a beta version of maximum was sold with the name descent 2 and had the same maps but some of the textures were missing and it was sold only in japan and uk).

I got the .bin.ecm, i then uncompressed the .ecm, then i iso-punked the .bin, and when i go to the hogs i was disappointed because inside of the hog all of the separate files were consolidated into one big encrypted data chunk that could not be extracted (it also crashed the editor upon opening).
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