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Full Version: [D*XR 0.57.3, Windows 7] CD audio bug still isn't fixed
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The bug described in this thread still isn't fixed, at least not for me, even though it is marked as fixed.

Whenever a CD track finishes, whether in a level or the main menu, music stops completely until I load or restart a level, exit to the main menu, or change tracks with alt+shift+F11/F12. The only exception to this is in Descent 2 levels: the game plays through to the end of the last track and stops there without looping back.
Tried this on several machines. Cannot reproduce. Anyone else having this issue and can give more info?
I just tried it in 32-bit Windows XP and CD music seemed to work properly there. So it's definitely fixed for some computers.

My normal machine runs 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Have you tested the music in that version of Windows yet?
In fact I tested with:
* Linux
* Windows XP 32Bit (SP3)
* Windows 7 Starter 32 Bit (via Virtual Drive as my eeePC does not have a CD drive)
* Windows 7 Home 64Bit

So I am still left with some possibilities:
* It's a Rebirth bug (unlikely but then I can do something about it)
* It's a SDL bug (then I can only wait for a new SDL version)
* It's an issue with your particular machine (which I have no idea how it can happen as you cannot really mess up much with CD Audio support... MSCDEX-days are long over Wink)

I doubt it's a computer issue because I'm still having it too, and the laptop I use for these games I've never modified at all.
Can you give info which OS you use. Specifically which version, architecture and so forth.
I know I'm on windows vista 32-bit (assuming that's the architecture?).  Apart from that I never really bothered to pay attention.
/fox feels like an idiot.
I just tested this with a laptop running the same version of Windows that my computer runs (64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1). Same problem.

What versions of Descent 2 are you guys playing from? I'm using the one from the Definitive Collection (the one with 8 audio tracks).

@Zico: How exactly are you testing this? Are you testing in the menus or the levels?
I am using the CDs from the Europe release of Descent 2 and also the Descent 2 CD from the Definitive Collection. Checking menu->credits track transition as well as level tracks. Initial tests done with a special Audio CD with 11 tracks with a runtime of 3 seconds per track (to speed up testing). All tests ran fine.
damnit! i have this bug Sad

WinXP32 SP3
D1 MACplay CD

force MAC CD order (or not)
1 track per level

only plays track once and wont loop Sad
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