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Full Version: Any reason to switch from DMB2 to SDLDevil?
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I'm a long time user of DMB2 and haven't ever tried Devil or SDLDevil. Are there any major differences that would warrant me switching to SDLDevil? If so, what are these differences?
There is whole total different mentality in the workflow. Devil has a mentality in cubing that some builders prefer. However, before considering jumping to Devil, since you are a DMB2 user, you should consider DLE-XP which is an evolution of DMB2 with improved workflow to that of DMB2.
Other than that, Devil users can tell you exactly what the benefits of Devil are.
The best way to find it out is to try it I guess.
Hard to tell for me since I've tried to use DMB very few times only to find that I'm unable to - got hooked to Devil too much. (SDL)Devil gives me full freedom and easy way to move around which I can't give up easily.
The other advantage is that SDLDevil runs on modern computers without Dosbox etc. It lets you build very big levels (more than 900 cubes), easy use of custom textures, and as I mentioned, total freedom in viewing your level from every possible angle which is very helpful when creating complicated structures, it is almost like flying and editing at the same time.
Since you are long time DMB user I guess you would like DLE-XP more than (SDL)Devil since the latter provides ... different way of editing, anyway... it's worth to try.
I started it mainly for two reasons:

- Platform independency: SDLDevil runs fine on Linux and windows, should run fine on BSD (i'll test this in the next days with FreeBSD... since it also has a Devil as mascot, this is a MUST Wink ) and Mac, which is somewhat planned (don't see major problems here either). DMB and DLE are windows programs (okay you can run them with Wine on Linux, but I always prefer native programs.). Also it should run on other hardware platforms than X86 in future (in my primary focus is ARM, like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard are using - and PowerPC, which can be found in older Macs)

- I (and others) grew up with Devil in the 90s and are just used to Devils way of level editing. Devil had always a very own user interface which is rather idiosyncratic (is that the right word?). SDLDevil did not do any change here and major changes here are not planned (maybe on window handling some time, but the flow should stay the same). If you are familiar with DMB, maybe DLE-XP is the better choice, but feel free to give SDLDevil a try, you can't lose anything except some time Wink
(05-16-2012, 10:22 AM)Blarget2 link Wrote:aka watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88E0fbE2OOA

I actually did watch that video right before I posted this. I noticed that you can adjust multiple cubes at the same time by selecting them all and then using the cube transform tool. I haven't really realized I've been living without the ability to do it until I saw it done in that video, and it makes me realize what a significant feature that would be to have. I wonder what else Devil can do that DMB2 can't? And does DLE-XP have this feature? I guess I'll give DLE-XP a try.

EDIT: And.. surprise! DLE-XP crashes every time I try to open it.
After reverting to an earlier version of DLE-XP the problem has resolved itself.
Note that DLE-XP is undergoing major development these days. So if a few builds crash here and then it's customary due to these changes. Of course that also means that DLE is updated frequently so do check the DLE homepage often, and stop on a build you find stable. Like you almost did.

EDIT: As for SDLDevil, running natively on most common OSes is a pro indeed. On per mission building, if you can really get used to the cubing mentality of Devil, you can have the power of two editors in your hand, combining the best of both. (it;s funny that people often forget that both editors spit out Descent levels Big Grin)