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Full Version: [D1XR rev1226, D2XR rev1255] Software Renderer Bugs
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Alright, this is what I've found so far testing the software renderer. Since all the glitches involve graphics, I've included a screenshot of each one. Unless otherwise stated, the only "d*x.ini" or command-line option I used was "-use_players_dir", and I compiled with "scons install opengl=0".

Overall, though, the software renderer ran dead stable--didn't crash once, and had high FPS on the original Descent resolutions of 640x480 and 320x200, even on my older laptop.

EDIT: Just found that the stretched-texture glitch also presents on some non-lava surfaces. I updated that item above.
Exactly the same problems here. I thought is was just my machine though.
@Ryusei: If you wish you can delete all these images. I can easily reproduce these glitches myself.

The little rendering artifacs I care for later. Specifically since changing to texture mapper "fp" for example virtually kills these glitches (can confirm that door issue and have not seen the texture stretching as well so far) and gives a generally better performance.
Nice, with that last fix, there's nothing stopping me from going full nostalgia mode on D2. Smile Now all I need is pixel doubling for simulated 320x200 in D1...wonder if there's a setting I could enable on my end for that, like in X.Org or something...
Pixel doubling is planned as one of the newer renderers. Of course this is all in pretty los priority due to the availability of OpenGL (ES).