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Full Version: Bug: D1 Co-Op as Team Anarchy & Robo Anarchy on tracker.
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Hi all after reading Johnathan's post on the DRfacebook page,he found a bug that when you host a D1 Co-Op the tracker would detact it as a D1 Team Anarchy, so I went to see if I could regenerate this bug and presto i did:
[Image: blue_01sgamevjoik.jpg]

Click the image for a larger one Wink It is a minor issue, but worth mentioning I thought  Cool

Along side the issue Johnathan found I found fewer others, so I hosted it as a 4 player Co-Op game, but the tracker on counts 3/0 it should be 4/1 as players go right? as the host if one of the 4 players that is in the game right?

So what I did was rehost the game and now the tracker saw it as a Robo Anarchy...
[Image: d1co-opasroboanarchyjwyir.jpg]

Here a screenshot from ingame proving that I host it as a Co-Op and not a team Anarchy or Robo Anarchy:
[Image: d1co-opvingettesinsan8zl4p.jpg]
Some multiplayer related constants were changed in D1X to align with D2X, but game type codes were not changed.  The codes are and were:
#define NETGAME_ANARCHY                 0
#define NETGAME_TEAM_ANARCHY            1
#define NETGAME_ROBOT_ANARCHY           2
#define NETGAME_COOPERATIVE             3
#define NETGAME_BOUNTY                  7
If you rebuild with your version number changed to 0.57.3, and all other code the same as D1X-0.58, does the tracker show the same bad output?
*ugh* I am no programmer mate I am just that humble collector that also likes tracing bugs, I have no idea what your posts means, sorry  :-\
I think we need an update that fix this, for the Descent Task Force this bug is a minor thing,but for the Descent Rangers it's kind of vital as it could mess up their scored games after some person says the game hosted wasn't a Co-Op, anyways I am just reporting what I find, that is mostly how I do things  Wink

So sorry I can't be much of use to that point  :-\
kp just asked if the same problem occurs if you use 0.57.3 Smile
Well as far as I know it never didn't I would have to find that out, hmm my Dual Pentium!!!/1000 should have an answer to that! lemmie get it and do a test run for ya Smile
(07-27-2013, 05:21 PM)zico link Wrote: [ -> ]kp just asked if the same problem occurs if you use 0.57.3 Smile
Not quite.  I wanted to know if the problem happens if you use 0.58, but tell everyone that you are using 0.57.3.  This would rule out any weirdness associated with the tracker handling reports from different versions differently.  Also, this would be best done with a restricted game so that no one joins the game thinking it actually is 0.57.3, since some constants have changed in a way that could cause weird synchronization problems.
Here a screenshot from the same game hosted with 0.57.3 with Descent 1 of course Smile

I used my new Dell XPS 15 Laptop xD
[Image: laptoptylohostedco-op3oldx.jpg]

As you can see 0.57.3 shows the player amount in the game correctly, it is a four player game and the host is player one of four tht showing you as 1/4 as where 0.58 shows an odd amount of players three of zero that being 3/0, which is totally incorrect.

Hmm @ Kp you would have to make a d2x.ini file with your fix, I am in no way going to mess with mine as I have lost it once and all my saves were gone and such and making a new one was the only way as it did something with my back up too.
@kp: The problem originates from the changed length of the mission name. I forgot to tell Matt about this change so now the tracker reads the data out wrong.

This problem can be fixed on the fly no problem.
Yeah, my guess is it would be on the tracker's end since the definitions were changed. That doesn't explain the fact that coop games invert the player amounts (3 out of 1 players instead of 1 out of 3, etc).
The tracker right now doesn't read the whole info packet wrong as the infos after the netgame name are slightly shifted. Matt will fix that as soon as possible. While it affects the Tracker Web UI, the games themselves shoudl run fine and the infos the games themselves read from the host should be fine as well.
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