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Yes it's on the info the tracker gets and basically reflects (for an ordinary mission) the name of the HOG file. if the ZIP is named accordingly the download link should work.
All right, I got it now lol, if the link would use mission name instead of mission title it should work.

Doesn't work as expected...for whatever reason 404 appears.
And when the game is D1 it tries to access D2 folder on koolbear website.
I can't seem to either see my friend's hosted D1x multi game or connect to it manually. He says he's forwarded UDP port 42424 but still nothing shows up and I can't connect.

He's running D1X through a Virtual Machine. I'm guessing that might be the problem, but I honestly have no idea.

Does it matter what level and/or game mode he's trying to use? And for the host, are they supposed to wait at the list of players and then start the game after everyone's connected or can people join a game in-progress?
He should check out if the virtual network adapter of the VM runs in bridged mode oder NAT. In bridged mode it *should* work by forwarding the port 42424 on the router directly to the VM's ip address.
In NAT mode you have to do reverse nat (portforwarding) for the port also on the host box where the vm runs on, also you need to forward port 42424 on the router to the HOST box then.

Don't know what virtualization you use, in VirtualBox you can configure that in the network adapter settings.
Oh right, I've been doing stuff over the last couple of days.  Also, since this is a sticky, I'm technically not bumping a dead topic, so, there's that.


Hopefully I'll have more to share later.
At first I thought it is a tracker source  Tongue
Tracker behaves odd today. Games are getting registered and do appear on webtracker, but not in-game tracker.

10 days have passed and still no change, I wonder if anyone has contact with Matt.
For some people ingame tracker doesn't show any games, yet games get registered and do appear on webtracker (http://dxxtracker.reenigne.net/index.php).
Arch's tracket also seems to be unable to grab games from main.
Could someone confirm that tracker is working fine or it's global issue?
I will check back with Matt what is up. He is hard at work for the new tracker protocol and also he moved his server. Possibly something went amiss in the process.
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