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I figured it out...it was this messed up router set up!!

Basically the router (it's a belkin) was set up to be two different routers...one for LAN (IP address block 172.16.1.*) and one for internet (192.168.2.*) The LAN one connected to the other one at IP address

So basically I had to forward the port from the first router settings to and then the second to (my computer)

Talk about ridiculous!! Lol!
uuhhhh,im so bored!!!! i c nothing on the tracker and i look on the tracker every hour but no games are there
Yes, unfortunately it is very quiet now.
I was looking for games too but few hours earlier I guess...its even harder to find someone playing in EU Sad
(08-26-2011, 12:09 AM)Descent Freak link Wrote: [ -> ]uuhhhh,im so bored!!!! i c nothing on the tracker and i look on the tracker every hour but no games are there

Heh... at least you can host games.  I'm not allowed to open ports on our router so I have to wait until I move out (which I hope will be in just a few more years)... of course when I first move out I probably won't even have internet access.  At least it looks like I may have a career ahead of me.

:Gets even more off-topic:
C'mon guys. Life is not only Descent. And think about the actual size of the Rebirth community. The fact that we had the many games we had on the tracker at some time is a miracle. It worked! More than expected. Now people move away from Descent to do something else (another game for example). It's pointless giving up on the game because there are no games on it. Just, do something else... Big Grin
...or host your own game... Wink


Anyone serious about playing should consider joining the Rangers or Kali, better to do both. Between those 2 groups, I can usually get in at least 4-5 games a day.
Kali uses outdated protocol so I wouldn't recommend it. And as hell as no it's only the Rangers out there.


Heh agreed. I only suggest kali as that is where most of us hang out, but we use .57 UDP to play now. It's just easier to find a game while lurking on Kali. I know at least 10 hardcore sonofabitches that play D1 and D2 almost every night. Plus Kali is worth the 15 bucks just for the ease of trading level files.


On top of that, there is also trial serials which only prevent you from hosting on Kali, which is obsolete as you said.
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