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Only the host is required to open the port, although, I think it's probably less overhead if everyone opens the port. Relaying the traffic back over the host was a failsafe I think for those that don't have access to their routers admin page.
42420 you do not need to open. It's the general tracker port but you always make the connections - no no need to open it.

Since 0.56 all the traffic will go over host nevertheless. So open the ports client-side does not bring any benefits besides that each licent can also host games if the host becomes unavailable and they wanna continue to play. ^^
Umm...So now I'm having the same problem. I got everything set right and it's not working. Dang Is it possible that the tracker is down? Can someone for sure verify that it's up?
I just tested and it works fine but it can always give some problems for sure. Sometimes Matt would restart the service or the tracker simply crashes (still brand new code).

You can verify the tracker working by yourself:
If this page is availabe and does not show some error message, the tracker is most likely fully functional. This page shows some parsable game information usually or just "[]" if no game's running. As long as that works, the tracker should be fine.

Still that service CAN be unavailable at some times. In that case you can send an eMail to Matt (via eMail form in our forum) or just drop me a line.

Soemtimes the problem can be on your ports. If you kill your game (crash or just quickly close it) and restart it very quickly relaunch it, setting up a game might give you "CANNOT BIND NAME TO SOCKET". If the game still lets you host the game in this case it means that the game could not set up the socket for the tracker port and will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, leave the game setup, wait a few seconds and try re-hosting. If the error does not re-appear the port was set up correctly.
Quote:I just realized...you don't have to open 42420 do you? That's the tracker port...just a thought Smile
42420 you do not need to open. It's the general tracker port but you always make the connections - no no need to open it.

Just in case AFP: The port is 42424, not 42420...
42420 is the default port the tracker communicates with DXX-Rebirth. It's a seperate one by intention so the tracker can knock and check if your game port (42424) is open or not.

In short:
42424 (or any port you wish to host you game on) must be open.
42420 does not need to be open.
Oh... I just realized what you both wrote. Sorry for the useless post. Smile
Lol! Well...I've established it's not my router or my firewall...what else can block ports?
If you can access the tracker.php page (I'd check from your location as well to see it's not a local DNS problem) you could also try to restart your computer.
Does someone else have these problems suddenly? I cannot see anything wrong from my side.
Remember also Future that if you're playing while on Kali, you'll need to open those ports too.
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