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Yeah I understand, my apologies for my harsh replies, I guess I am seeing things that are not there, it won't happen again, you can thank Mr. E. James for this, the bastard that traumatized me, the entire world may know.

Matt you are a good soul and I am greatly honored like everyone else here that you made a tracker that works without issues! It was wrong from me to nagg you off as I did do in this topic call me an ass , what you want, I don't mind, heck I may as well deserve it right Wink

Too many things have taken place this week, like shoving it up your lane isn't the way it should be, so yeah I am gonna to take a long break from this all, just got back from Hospital today for the millionth time, so yer, it's still an ongoing research.

Peace comrades and May The Force Be With You.
If PMs sent me an email, I would have to check the email and then follow the link here. In Canada data isn't cheap, and I get my emails on my phone. Sending me an email directly is the best possible solution to fixing anything that goes wrong, as I can simply check it when I'm on the go, mark it unread, and put it in a different folder so I can come back to it when I have the time. The other reason, is that during the entire development process I didn't even have an account here. I had one once it was finished, so that I could inform others of progress, once someone made a post about the tracker. Also, Zico is a great guy who takes a lot of time out of his day to work on this project, I have no doubts that as soon as he knows some thing's up, he will let me know.

This thread was created so that people know how to use the list, rather than figuring it out as they went along (although many will likely do that, anyway). It was also created to allow any developers to see where data can come from on my tracker so they can list it on their own site in an easy to see page, like the status page.

Obi, have a good vacation. Everyone else, thanks for the support!

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Well no vacation yet but yeah thx anyways Wink We oughta play a shaker team anarchy one day man, just to blow up the stress outa our minds, that might do us some serious good Wink

Thanks for your support again.
Yayy \o/ - That's an awesome feature I looked forward for being implemented. Thanks alot Smile
Thanks for the support.
Maybe because no one hosts a game? You can make the difference - host a game and wait till someone joins. If no one does, get on the IRC channel and check if you find someone.

You also might check your Capslock key. It seems to be broken as you only write in capital letters.
OK what is the IRC channel
Left sidebar in section "Community", click on "Chat". Maybe you'll find someone there who wants to play. Otherwise make a request in the Multiplayer outpost forum. Just ASK someone to play. Anyone. Games will not appear magically - social interaction with other individuals is necessary.
hey zico,do you ever play on dxx-rebirth
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