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Full Version: SDLDevil 0.5 released!
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SDLDevil 0.5 is out.

* Most major change is the introduction of a GUI configuration tool which replaces the textmode interface when (re)configuring SDLDevil. This makes it a LOT more comfortable to change the settings.

* Within this, the paths for the data files, missions and path to the Descent Binary are separate configurable. For example in D1X-Rebirth and D2X-XL the missions for Descent 1 reside also in a Missions subdirectory. On UNIX the missions may reside in ~/.d2x-rebirth/missions while the gamedata resides in /usr/local/share/games/d2x-rebirth and the binary in /usr/bin. So I made these configurable separately and the "Devil play Level" and "Save to descent directory" functions should work properly.
For the binary you can select any executable file, no matter if this is /usr/bin/d2x-rebirth, cDanggames/d2/d2x-xl.exe, cDanggames/d2/my_ultimate_descentrunner.bat or cDangwindows/notepad.exe Wink

* Descent version is freely selectable, but the editor does not allow to use 1.0 when having 1.4 data files and vice versa for descent 1. Selecting the 1.2+ option enables filickering light and pog support in the editor.

* Another thing introduced with this is the possibility to remap keybindings. Just click the function, click change and press the desired key(-combination). However you have to take care about what keys you are using. there is currently no check for double bindings.

* Also new are other screen resolutions (640x480 up to what your display/gfxcard supports) and a fullscreen option.

Now to the bugfixes:
* Lighting now should work proper in rendered view (however there are still some minor grfx glitches, but crashes should not occur anymore Wink )
* POG loading now should work. (various double frees)
* Commandline parameters now should work in win32
* Crash when deleting multiple cubes (wrong loop termination in freeing lightsources)
* Crash in the /4 texture view fixed. (introduced by my own stupidity)
* Crash fixed when closing levels with tagged object. (tagged object freed also their objects being tagges which got freed afterwards again when freeing the level itself)
* Fix in the texture list showing the wrong images when bringing it to front
* little bulbs light indicators now show up (however still b/w)

Minor / developer stuff:
* Makefile now works proper on windows and linux without changes
* Icon in Win32 executable

Win32 Binaries: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sdldevil...p/download
Sourcecode (UNIX): http://sourceforge.net/projects/sdldevil...z/download

Have a lot of fun! Smile
A great job!

Thanks for contributing so much for the level authors that help to keep the game alive. Smile
Might as well call it. 1.0 because this is amazing.
Thanks alot... but EVERY cool OpenSource project has a leading zero in it's version number  Big Grin
Oh My!! I was eagerly awaiting for this!!
Excellent news here v66r, must check this baby ASAP!! Big Grin
So when should we expect 0.6?  Tongue
The last days I was really busy with reallife stuff... no time for lots coding currently. Even no time for playing Descent a lot ... or making Levels ...
Also I see the main mission accomplished: a fully working devil version for modern operating systems Wink

But don't worry, I'll work on it again, but not yet, sometimes I just need a break from my coding projects...
bump /!\

any news on SDL Devil? Just asking... Tongue
he recently compiled me a version with the ability to use special triggers in d1 that were not used.
Necro thread...so lets bring it back Wink
I was trying to compile 0.5 with dev c++ and I've got 500kB binary (oddly small) which worked except that it couldn't open level files but saved them - unfortunately rebirth couldn't open those.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
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