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Full Version: 03 - Help today
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Help the victims of lousy programming today!

Here it is:
Also to find here:

Have fun and please tell me your feedback.
Hi mom!
A very social engaged topic. Shocked
:-D * can't breath *  :-D

actually hat this behaviour of the robots several times, when playing d1 on insane ;-D. And always thought... "poor guys... i will release you from this suffery" *fusion cannon select... :-D
*bends over double laughing hysterically*

Wow, that was seriously funny. You need to draw more of these man  :lol:
"Hi Mom" lol that was so funny
If only you could send this back in time.

Maybe the message behind this one just resonates with me and the others don't, but I think this comic is a large step forward compared to the other 2.

Also a fan of "Hi mom!"

It kills me how unrealistic and therefore unintuitive and therefore unfair to gamplay robots-don't-collide is, but it was in the original game, so you can't change it! Maybe in a mod.
hehe  :-D
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