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I've seen several people on the forums asking for software rendered builds of Rebirth. Also I know some people would like builds for Windows XP. I'm happy to oblige:

Latest Version:

D1X-Rebirth 04-14-18 Software Rendered

D2X-Rebirth 04-14-18 Software Rendered

D1X-Rebirth 04-14-18 Windows XP

D2X-Rebirth 04-14-18 Windows XP

NOTE: You will need to use the .dll files from the corresponding build posted here. Outdated .dlls will sometimes work, but if ever you experience a crash with one of these, get the dlls from the build with the same date and try it again before posting a bug report.

Previous Versions:

D1X-Rebirth 04-05-18 Software Rendered
D2X-Rebirth 04-05-18 Software Rendered

D1X-Rebirth 04-05-18 Windows XP
D2X-Rebirth 04-05-18 Windows XP

I will try to keep these current with the latest weekly builds available on the main page. However, I may get slack...if that happens, feel free to post here and I'll get right on it! Smile

Also, if anyone has any special requests for specific build options, let me know! I'll try my best to do it for you.
Hey AFP.
I have tried your latest build and I got "The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C." error message on windows.
I wonder what I'm doing wrong...

EDIT: Nevermind, I found some clues, it usually happens when trying to run exe  which is not supported on windows xp. Apparently Dxx-rebirth exe doesn't support it any more.
Will try to compile it myself at some point I guess... btw thanks for windows compile instructions - great job!
I can build you a Windows XP-specific build if you'd like.
Can you? If yes then please build me one Smile
I guess I would have to use some magical switches when trying to compile it myself...

EDIT: I do not mean software render just 'normal' please
OK, I've added them to the OP.

Also just so you know (and to put here for my own future reference), to do a Windows XP build the magical switch you have to add to the scons command is:

AFP, that is the correct solution. How did you come to that solution?
I recalled a discussion about it somewhere a long time ago, and I think you actually told me how to do it at one point. I couldn't remember, so I had to do some searching, and I found this. I then had to figure out how to add preprocessing defines on the command line of scons, and that took some googling, but eventually I figured it out Smile
Both XP builds work like a charm, thank you.
(04-06-2018, 08:26 PM)aqqman Wrote: [ -> ]Both XP builds work like a charm, thank you.

Good to hear! Smile
Updated OP with the latest versions Smile
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